Køl & Komfur

Kitchen & Appliances

Køl & Komfur wanted to position themselves uniquely compared to their competitors. We came to the realization that people are getting bored by looking at plain product pictures on white backdrop. So we decided to move the studio to their showroom in Copenhagen. In doing so, we ended up creating a generic and “homey” feeling which has become the dominant theme througout their visual style.

Køl & komfur is one of Denmark’s most exclusive second hand stores. We wanted to keep af little bit of that quirky atmosphere that comes with buying second hand but also showcase luxury. Today, the family-business has grown to become an acknowledged retailer of the most exclusive kitchen appliances on the Danish market, but without loosing its charm and grounded vibe.

What we did

  • Content production for social media and website
  • Magazine layout and content